NYC Hacks: Free Jay-Z, Kayaking & $10 Cabs

I recently wrote a post divulging all the free yoga spots in Manhattan and I thought I'd share a few other freebies/almost freebies that have recently come my way. 

GETT Taxi App

Deal:  Download the app & get $10 rides anywhere in Manhattan any time any day.

Until When?: Everyday UNTIL 2015

The Scoop: This new black car service has grand plans to give Uber a run for its money - and it sure as hell is. I tried it out this past weekend and took a cab from West 72nd st. all the way to Delancey St. in the LES. The West Side Highway was the hot mess that it always is and it took 40 freaking minutes to get downtown. Alas, what would have at least run me $45 bucks was ONLY TEN DOLLARS.

Note: Don't thank me, just use my coupon code GTKIRST2 after you download the app to help us both get an extra $20 in free rides.

Global Citizens Festival

Deal: Free Tickets to a massive concert in Central Park feautring Jay-Z, Tiesto, No Doubt, Fun., The Roots, Carrie Underwood.

Until When? For the GCF in Central Park, enter NOW as the drawing ends on 9/16/2014. 

The Scoop: Yes, this is real. I've been partaking in the Global Citizen Festival and movement for three years now, and it's just about the best thing ever. If you visit their page,  you'll notice that by becoming part of the movement to improve the quality of human lives everywhere, you can actually score a lot of free tickets besides GCF, year-round.

1. First, accrue "points" by learning about various humans rights issues (think: watching a 3-minute video, reading and signing a petition etc.).

2. Then, choose your favorite artist who has teamed with Global Citizens to try to score free tickets to a show. 

Kayaking On The Hudson

Deal: A brief kayaking lesson and 20 minutes out on the Hudson with a partner of your choice.

Until When? September 27th, 2014!

The Scoop: Full details and locations, here. We were gifted with a gorgeous summer from Mother Nature, and it looks as if she’s extending the warmth into September. So, first, take a brief moment of silence and remember the winter of 2014. Then, sign up for a free kayaking class and take advantage of all this sunshine! Get out and get moving while you still can.