New Year on Tangent Pursuit! 5 things I've been loving lately

It's been a while since I posted. Far too long, in fact. As it happens, I had a whirlwind of a fall with my first semester at The New School and my first busy season at work, so some hobbies were temporarily placed on the back burner, including Tangent Pursuit. And you know how it goes sometimes... a week goes by, two weeks, a month, and then it's "Oh, why even bother now?" Having originally posted 2-3 times a week for a year, it felt daunting to get back into the swing of things after such a hiatus, but in the spirit of a New Year and resolutions, I've decided to commit to posting interesting content... at least once a month. Yes, once a month. Not twelve times, just once.

Back in November, I read an anecdote on Ramit Sethi's blog (which covers an array of topics, including self-improvement) about a woman who wrote in to discuss a goal of hers: she wanted to run 3 times a week, every week, and she just could not seem to stick to it. Ramit responded to her, "why not just aim for once a week?" to which she replied "well once a week just doesn't seem worth it." It's a ridiculous and silly notion, really, to think and live our lives in such a way, and yet with our human egos and anxieties and our busy lives, we are all liable to fall for it. So, here's to blogging once a month this year - you can hold me to it! 

I wanted to kick off the new year with a few backlogged NYC gems I've been dying to share. Here they are:

1. Barley and grain

For good whiskey. I went to UMD, worked at a dive bar and am half Irish. Ipso facto, I enjoy whiskey, specifically bourbon. So it was quite a treat to step into Barley and Grain this fall for the first time. It's a small, rustic whiskey joint located on 81st and Amsterdam with some of the best craft-cocktails around. And with $5 happy hour specials running from 5-7:30 Mon-Sat, I've already made myself a regular. Shoot me a text and I will join you for happy hour any day.

2. Say Yes! Artist Collective

For beautiful performance art. Besides showcasing some of the most talented and entertaining poets, musicians, dancers and comedians NYC has to offer Say Yes! is also simply an intriguing, down-to-earth group of people to share an evening with. They've held events on Brooklyn rooftops, around backyard fire-pits, and most recently, at the Bowery Poetry Club. Follow them on Facebook here for upcoming events and news.

3. Saigon Shack

For the best Vietnamese in Manhattan. Hands down, this place is the tits. Not only is the pho rich and the banh-mi both crisp and succulent, but the price is on point (~$10 for a pho or bahn-mi) AND it's on Macdougal street. Come on. Doesn't get better than that. The ambiance is perfect for a first date, tenth date, or friend date. Just bring cash and be prepared to wait a little. Considering it's location, you shouldn't have trouble grabbing a drink in the meantime.

4. Bloomingdales' Outlet on West 72nd

For the best new deals. I know, we're all broke from Christmas so why would I promote such a thing, right? I'm also supposed to be following a self-imposed spending-freeze on unnecessary shit until, like, March. But once I start buying fairly useless materialistic garments again, you better believe it'll be here. The deals are real, with a tad bit of hunting required. Sign up for the emails and you'll be notified of even bigger in-store sale days. Or, simply ask me since I'm a subscription whore and get 50 emails a day from every website ever invented, including, as they say, bLoOMies!

5. Psychedelic Education

For one of the cooler social experiences you'll have. Coming off the heels of recommending frivolous shopping at Bloomingdales, I may not seem like the most... spiritual person, but just follow me, here.  In early December, I had the chance to attend a Psychedelic Education program at The New School. While I did not trip balls (and nor did anyone else - it's an educational experience, not a rave. (not that there's anything wrong with raves. at all.)) I found the pure conversation and information sharing to be extremely intellectually stimulating. It's a safe space for people to discuss their experiences (or lack thereof), ask questions, and learn from some of the greatest researchers and humans our generation has produced. If you're feeling intrigued, I promise you won't be let down. Check it out here