The Local Tourist: NOHO

With the season calm and the streets free of too many visitors, it's about that time for a new 'Local Tourist' post. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend the night out in Noho, first catching a show at The Public Theatre and then dining out at trend-lover's hot spot, ACME. Check out the review below!

The Public Theatre "Here Lies Love"

Did you know that David Byrne from Talking Heads and Fatboy Slim collaborated on an album-turned-play about former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos? Yeah, me neither. While I can't claim to be a complete die-hard fan, I must say that I have never heard a Talking Heads song I didn't like. They're one of those bands that come on and I think to myself: why don't I listen to this more regularly? Needless to say, I was excited to see the show. The verdict? Catchy, edgy and undeniably unique.

The first 10 minutes or so admittedly feel a bit contrived, but perhaps that's more of an issue of suspension of disbelief on the part of the audience member than a responsibility of the cast. Once you emotionally delve into the immersive nature of the production, it is a consuming experience in the best way possible. We were gifted with seats overlooking the show below which, to me, was the way to go. I've done General Admission immersive theatre before at Fuerza Bruta and - again, for me, it detracts from the experience because you can't fully allow yourself to enjoy the show when you're constantly being prodded around and told where to stand (Plus, Fuerza Bruta makes your neck hurt). Unless we're talking Sleep No More where the audience has legitimate free reign of the place, I'm just not a personal fan of on-the-floor immersion.

In sum, Here Lies Love is an emotional performance that takes the audience on an informative and intentional escapade of rock-worthy song and dance. 


Located a convenient two blocks away, ACME is a trendy foodie's paradise. The atmosphere has a chic warmth to it and the service was welcoming. The crispy salmon skin and the foie gras small plates do a terrific job delivering savory flavor, as does the richly satisfying mushroom risotto. Whether ACME shines brighter on its plates or in its glasses is a tough call, though. Their carefully crafted cocktails feel just as much like a work of art as the food does. From the Bourbon Smash to my Salted-caramel Bourbon Hot Chocolate, every sip and bite felt like a true treat. 

While Here Lies Love is no longer running (at least, for the time being) you can always check out The Public Theater's schedule for the latest shows. And in case you're interested, it looks like ACME's already got their Valentine's Day menu up ;).