10 Ways to Spend Valentine's Day (that DON'T involve a fancy dinner out)

Valentine’s day is an extra ridiculous holiday and it’s silly to give it more credit than it deserves. (That being said, if my boyfriend is reading this: I will take flowers. But also, feel free to get the $5 bouquets. I can’t tell the difference anyway.) While the holiday shouldn’t hold an ounce of the emotional weight that Hollywood and Hallmark would credit it with, it does happen to fall on a Saturday this year. This means it will be even more in-your-face than usual. So, what can you do (besides going out to a fancy restaurant for dinner) to enjoy the day? Whether you're single OR coupled up, here are my top 10 suggestions

1.       Indulge yourself at the spa – get a massage, some reflexology or maybe a facial. While you're in the sauna, practice that whole gratitude thing we talked about. You'll leave feeling spectacular.

2.       Organize a boozy brunch – since most V-day activities take place in the evening, grab all your friends (single or not), and make a boozy brunch of it. Then, you’ll be home in time to…

3.       Cue the Netflix! Get nestled under the covers and put in an order for your ultimate seamless trifecta. Like maybe soup dumplings from one place, and then a ginormous order of assorted sushi and spicy salmon rolls with extra spicy mayo from another.  And then, like, a cheese calzone if you happen to get high at some point during the evening and need more food. Just a suggestion.

4.       Make a homemade dinner for once. Filet mignon, creamed spinach, and a fine red wine will cost you a fraction of the price that you’d be paying if you went out to a restaurant.

5.       Watch The Vagina Monologues – and learn what V-Day is really all about.

6.       Have a tequila party and play Cards Against Humanity. See how inappropriate things can get.

7.       Call your parents! Better yet, visit them. You know, because really “they’re your first valentines” and also because free food.

8.       Go to the restaurants no one is going to on Valentine’s day (but are always packed otherwise) like, I don’t know, SHAKE SHACK anyone!? After all, it can be argued that there are few things more romantic than a double cheeseburger.

9.        Have a potluck with friends (couples and singles alike!). Everyone brings a shareable food item and a bottle of wine and the whole team goes HAM together. 

and finally...

10. Go to a comedy club! Again, whether single or coupled up, you'll find plenty of reasons to laugh and loosen up a bit. What more could you ask for?