March in NYC

As both the great outdoors and the good people of Facebook have continued to remind us, it’s effing cold and windy outside and this winter feels like it is NEVER going to end.  But it will, and it all starts with March. Or, so we hope, anyway. While you can drink yourself stupid any day of the year, March provides a plethora of opportunities to do so - what with Americans’ deconstructed understanding of St. Patty’s Day and all. Nevertheless, drinking opportunities are aplenty, so I won’t even get into them here. Below are this month’s “Top” events, designed to expand your mind (or your taste buds) rather than kill your brain cells. Enjoy!

1.       BJORK

Call me biased, but this woman is a genius in every sense of the word. Prolific as ever, Bjork is touring New York this spring with a series of intimate shows at City Center and Carnegie Hall. I scooped up tickets early at $50 but, unfortunately for many, they’ve now skyrocketed on Stub Hub. If you can’t afford to catch a show, grab a ticket to NYC’s Governor’s Ball (which you should be doing anyway - $135). She performs on day 2, Saturday. Oh, AND she has her own retrospective on exhibit at MOMA, featuring much of her life’s work thus far, beginning March 8th ($25 to enter MoMA – or free if you’ve got a corporate relationship!)

2.       The Amory Show

Continuing the theme, March is a truly phenomenal month for art in NYC. Sprawled out over two piers (92 & 94), The Armory Show is a breathtaking, immersive display of over 2,000 pieces of art. The breadth and depth of exhibitors is absolutely unparalleled anywhere else in New York. With how large the showcases are, it’s an easy way to spend an evening out.    

3.  Entrepreneurs Festival

Check out a showcase of 80+ startups, plus speakers, panels, parties and roundtables, all taking place at NYU’s Tisch Hall.  

4.      Brisket King

Head over to the Irondale Center in BK to taste endless brisket by competing chefs, along with spirits and craft beer, of course.

5.      New Directors Film Festival

If New York is known for anything, it’s known as the hotspot for up-and-coming talent, regardless the industry. Check out this 10-day event at Lincoln Center and MOMA to see the work of emerging, international filmmakers. +5 for bragging rights and fodder for dinner table discussion.

6.       Flower Festival

Lord knows, we need some color in lives with all this cold. Get out and shoo the winter away at this year’s annual Macy’s Flower Show (who knew this even existed?)

7.      Restaurant Tasting

Head over to the Metropolitan Pavilion and indulge yourself in food samples from 50 restraurants and 35 nations – all chosen by the ever-trusty Village Voice food critics. With your ticket comes complimentary, paired drinks. Naturally.