Ariel Peche & What to Wear for New Year's Eve

I met Ariel Ginsburg (from just over a year ago in downtown Manhattan amongst mutual friends. At the time, I didn't know she was a fashion blogger. Interestingly enough, though, her style was the first thing I noticed about her. And while this story may be borderline creepy since I've never actually told her it, I'm going to run with it anyway. We live on the edge here at Tangent Pursuit. So, Ariel had a black, spaghetti strap tank-top on - not all that wild, I know. She also had her bra straps showing. Again, not all that wild. The thing is: it looked SO well put-together and stylish! I just remember thinking "how does she make what would otherwise appear as a fashion faux-pas look so effortlessly chic!?" 

As someone who often wears sneakers (like, I'm talking Nikes) to work, I don't feel that I have the proper fashion badge to be doling out advice to anybody. As a little girl, cowgirl boots and a ballerina tutu were my go-to, diva outfit for things like school and church. Clearly, I walk to the curve of my own catwalk and it doesn't always pan out so beautifully. But that's why I adore Ariel and her entire blog. See, she has this vibrant way of playing with different looks and making each one exciting and accessible to read, even if you are someone who wears cross-trainers to work. Posts aren't about the latest handbag or the most expensive, high-fashion shoes (though they do appear in spurts), but rather, each post details a unique look and how to wear it in your own way. There are plenty of fashion bloggers out there, but few have the style that Ariel does.     

But alas, I've talked too much again. Let's take a look at my Q&A with Ariel below. Then, check out her Facebook page to get frequent updates and don't forget to visit her blog for the latest post on NYE styles!

You live in Chicago now but have resided in NYC before, right? How has each city influenced your style?

Yes! I have lived in both cities. New York definitely inspired me to dress a bit more eccentric. And of course to wear mostly black. In New York I was always more dressed up as well. Moving to Chicago I definitely began dressing more casually... and more androgynous. I used to love wearing over the top/sexy dresses. Now i prefer distressed jeans and and a t-shirt. 

Favorite NYE and what did you wear?

My favorite New Year's Eve was last year in Miami. I spend it with my family every year. I wore a patchwork Free People bustier and black and white silk flowy pants. They totally clashed and I loved it. 

What do you think the big deal is with New Year's Eve and how does that translate to fashion?

I think New Year's Eve is kind of like a hallmark holiday in terms of how hyped up it is. But at the same time it does have a lot of significance. People love to bid farewell to the current year and ring in the new year with a bang. And that's how I'd say it translates into fashion... you want to wear something exciting and memorable as part of the celebration.

What's your suggested outfit for a New Year's Eve Dinner Party?

For a NYE dinner party I would go with a pair of dark skinny jeans, heels and either a really festive top, or some serious statement jewelry. You'll definitely want to have one accessory that's flashy. 

What's your suggested outfit for a New Year's Eve Dance Party?

For a NYE dance party I would definitely go with a fun short dress. Think sequins, fringe or feathers. NYE is the one time of year when sequins are always acceptable. I'm also really into two piece co-ords right now... a cropped top with a matching tight high- waisted skirt.

Anything else we should know about you?

I have a few new things that I'm currently working on. I'm starting to test the waters with a youtube channel, which is definitely an interesting platform. Teaching myself how to edit videos is also interesting. My new years resolution is to learn how to sew. I'm hoping to combine the Youtube channel and sewing skills into something really cool.