By, The People Artist Collective

By, The People (BTP) is an artist collective started by Kirsten Chen and comprised of artists from New Jersey and New York. BTP aims to support artists, especially those in their more nascent development. BTP provides each artist with a platform to showcase their work and a community to draw inspiration from. The collective is made up of painters, photographers, poets, jewelers, collagists and much, much more! For all inquiries, please reach out to Kirsten at or 908-675-5701.

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About BTP

Worn down by the monotony of the corporate grind and life post-college, I started looking for a satisfying creative outlet during the fall of 2012. After chatting amongst friends, I quickly found I wasn't alone.  Thus, By The People (BTP) was born and in the spring of 2013, we put on our first show in Manhattan. BTP now hosts 1-2 yearly "pop-up" shows in the NYC and NJ areas. Reach out to the BTP e-mail listed above at any time with questions.